The Korean Wave in North America Conference

Friday, January 15, 2021, 8:15AM-5:00PM (Eastern Time)

The Korean Wave research team at George Mason University cordially invites scholars, students, and specialists whose academic and business interests are Korean popular culture to the conference, “Korean Wave in North America.” The team’s current project, “The Diffusion and Reception of Korean Popular Culture in the United States” examines the growing popularity of Korean popular culture in the Unites States. Utilizing in-depth interviews, content analyses of fan sites, and online survey, the research seeks to understand the variations in the reception of Korean culture among diverse groups of Korean, Asian, Latinx, Black, and white young adults. Contributors for this special one-day conference are renowned K-pop scholars, media researchers, sociologists, cultural studies scholars, pop music critics, and a CEO of K-pop entertainment company. Please join us and share your views while contributors debate and discuss the latest trends, topics, and theories in Korean popular culture. This conference is sponsored by the Korean Studies Center of George Mason University.